I had an interesting telephone call on Wednesday. One of my former struggling students, now 40 years old, called me to share information about his life. B also wanted me to understand how important I was to him. He told me that when he came to me for help, he felt so different from everybody else. "People made me feel like I was just so weird," he told me. "But I learned from you that it is ok to be different. In fact, you let me know that you cared about me, and that you thought that my being different, my learning differently, was special. That is what you taught me, that being different is not weird. It is just special."

Wow! That is exactly why I created The Sounds Of Words. I needed a method that would help my struggling readers improve reading skills. So my adult learner and I developed the decoding strategy. And, once she was able to decode the words for herself, she was able to comprehend the text. Then I knew I was helping her. Since then, I have helped many struggling learners of all ages and intelligence levels improve reading, spelling, and writing skills. And by providing a method that allows persons who learn differently to find learning success, The Sounds Of Words validates special learners.

B eventually graduated from college, and has had a successful career. He told me that he plans to come visit me and take me out to dinner. I eagerly anticipate his visit!


Anita Landoll

Anita Landoll

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