The reading book was a good choice for P. Page by page, she read aloud each selection. She took a copy of each page to practice reading for fluency. Finally, after rereading the story aloud, she read and answered questions about it. She read and completed comprehension and vocabulary building selections. As she continued though the book, her rate of reading and comprehension increased. Increasingly more words became part of her personal reading vocabulary.

She also began to lead our group as I taught phonics activities. At first, she listened to me as I sounded the letters, and took the lead naming the consonants as I spelled words. Next, she began labeling the items on her worksheet as I wrote them on the whiteboard. The skill of being able to name the vowels, short sounds as well as long, as I sounded them, was her next success. Then the day came when she was able to name the picture and helped spell the words as I wrote them. Finally, one day she came in after group was finished and proceeded to very quickly name the pictures, spell and label them with a very little assistance from me. At that point, I was assured that her reading, spelling, and writing skills were converging to form a solid base for her increasing success.

The Story of P will continue, as she continues to increase her skills.


Anita Landoll

Anita Landoll

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