Were you aware that April 12 was National Drop Everything And Read Day? That day is Beverly Cleary's birthday, and since children love her books, she has been encouraging them to take time to drop everything and read those books. So, it is appropriate that children, big and little, celebrate her birthday by taking time to read. I was excited when I heard about the celebration, because The Sounds of Words is currently creating new adult readers, and strengthening reading skills. People are able to take some time for reading now, and they were very interested to hear about the celebration.

That is what the Sounds of Words is all about, creating new readers, and strengthening reading skills. Help struggling readers make sense of the text they need or want to read. Currently, participants in the Sounds of Words reading program are writing words, reading short selections and stories, reading Bible verses, reading songs, writing and reading words related to NASCAR, and learning the driver's manual. They are all adults, and when they are provided with choice of reading texts, they follow their interests. Because the method is universal, explicit teaching, concrete, multi-sensory, and applied phonics, it works with any text, any level, to increase reading skills.

So, were you able to Drop Everything And Read on April 12, 2012? Maybe you read a news or information selection. Maybe you even took some time to read a fiction or nonfiction book. Maybe you did not have time to read everything you wanted to read--yet you were able to read anything you needed/wanted to. I was, and am, and I celebrate that fact everyday. My dream is that one day everyone will have that ability.


Anita Landoll

Anita Landoll

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